Francesco Maluta

Francesco Maluta

He is an Italian artist. His work is characterized by an intense use of color and light, made unnatural. His character leaves room for the dreamlike and magical aspect.

Selvatica is a project created in collaboration with artist Francesco Maluta for the “La Grande Bellezza” Award promoted by Starhotels in collaboration with the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art, Associazione OMA – Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte and Gruppo Editoriale.

“Selvatica”, identified by the distinguished jury as the winning project, is a wall lamp with LED backlighting, conceived of as a window to the outdoors, to link places where nature is not present back to nature.

The front is made of painted paper with successive material interventions on the back to create plays of light and shadow. The ovoid shape takes up the idea of the oriental fan and the paper, thanks to its different textures and thicknesses, allowing the light to shine through with heterogeneous gradation.

The decorative motifs are handmade using the watercolour technique.

“A poetic and romantic interpretation of light”, commented Elisabetta Fabri, head of the jury and creator of this special patronage initiative. “A particularly evocative and sophisticated work, which I chose for its dual nature of being a creation of the highest craftsmanship and a contemporary design product: a perfect combination of design and tradition, planning and high crafts culture, fully in the spirit of this Award”.

Starhotels “la Grande Bellezza” Award
Foto Wall Lamp Selvatica versione applique | Fabscarte Handmade Wallpaper
Foto Wall Lamp Selvatica dipinto a mano Francesco Simeti | Fabscarte Handmade Wallpaper
Foto Wall Lamp Selvatica versione cavo | Fabscarte Handmade Wallpaper
Foto ritratto Francesco Maluta | Fabscarte Handmade Wallpaper