Francesco Simeti


Francesco Simeti is an Italian artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Represented by the Francesca Minini gallery in Milan, his work reflects on political and social themes, in particular on the relationship between human beings and nature and on how nature constantly manages to rebalance its order.


Owl’s Head

Owl’s Head was born from the collaboration with artist Francesco Simeti for the “Doppia Firma” project by Living together with Yoox and the Cologni Foundation, on the occasion of Il Salone Del Mobile 2016, which had the aim of combining design innovation with the tradition of the great Italian masters of art.

Francesco Simeti begins his reflection with two engravings depicting, respectively, a landscape of the Rocky Mountains and Owl’s Head, the summit of the Adirondacks chain, which crosses New York State and also lends the work its title.

Here, together with Francesco Simeti, we have envisaged a restless, unreal natural landscape that accentuates the antagonism that has always characterised the relationship between human beings and nature.

In keeping with the concept of contradiction between human beings and their surrounding environment, we wanted to express through layers of interpretation the creative beauty that nature itself possesses.

To this end, flowers and leaves are painted in stucco relief, jute canvases with metallic colours highlight trunks, layers of tissue paper emphasise rocks and clouds, and cuts and incisions are used to move from one plane of the painting to another, creating an aesthetically pleasing effect.

A volte possono essere tropicali

This is a wallpaper pattern by Francesco Simeti, skilfully enriched by the hands of Fabscarte with application of stucco relief and hand-painted elements.
Found images and old scientific botanical illustrations come together to create an imaginary landscape in which a lush new natural world seems to be advancing and taking over. You can find solace in this unreal scenario where unusual flora struggles to maintain its natural beauty and balance.

Scheda Tecnica

Dimensioni 80 x 110 spessore 3cm
Realizzate in carta con supporto in tela dipinte a mano e tese su di un telaio in legno.