Martyn Thompson

Martyn Thompson

Martyn Thompson is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked as a fashion photographer in Sydney and Paris and then in London and New York, where his practice has expanded to the world of interiors. His slogan and operational ethos are that of “the Accidental Expressionist”, which describes that collision of chance and instinct that determines the authentic connection he seeks in his work.

Martyn Thompson, a world-renowned photographer and artist, made his name through his charming and romantic aesthetic and his ability to turn a small detail into a beautiful pattern.

Admiring his work, the company wanted to translate his complex world, full of colours and shades, into a decorative surface.

For Milano Design Week 2017 we presented the Midnight Moon Dust and Rose Scented Mirage wallpapers at the Ladies&Gentlemen exhibition.

The Midnight Moon Dust wallpaper is inspired by the surface of the moon: on an aged layer with tearing, indigo earth and coffee glazes cover the base. The three-dimensional aspect is provided by the copper powder that highlights the thicker areas. Silver flecks and metallic patinas appear all over the surface.

In Rose Scented Mirage the watercolour techniques give the background a marbled effect. Randomly dropped spots of colour stand out. The plastic surface contains these striking plays of colour that appear and disappear