Studio Blanco

Studio Blanco

Founded in 2005 by Sara and Valerio Tamagnini, STUDIO BLANCO creates identity, design experiences and curates the VISUAL CULTURE of luxury brands working in the fields of fashion and lifestyle. They work across the entire COMMUNICATION ENVIRONMENT, from strategy to art direction, campaigning, digital and event production. STUDIO BLANCO fuses beauty, strategy and culture, bringing new ideas to the world.

Studio Blanco conceived the Mostro Nostro 1 wallpaper, the first in a series of artworks that are part of the research the studio has been working on continuously for about 5 years.

The project was born with the desire to distort existing graphics that can be linked to Italian history through a manual process of scanning and deformation, to create new contemporary pieces in which layer after layer of digital elements and repetitions are inserted.

Mostro Nostro 1 thrives on accidents, experimentation and chance, with the aim of inserting uncontrolled elements into the creation process. Starting from textures, engravings or marbled backgrounds, it proceeds through a process of acquisition, tracing, alteration, re-application and then digital treatment to achieve an imperfect balance between past and present. Produced in the Fabscarte workshop, this wallpaper plays with a reinterpretation of the concept of engraving: cover first and reveal later.

Hints of submerged layers emerge from the background. The design owes its slight transparency to the special composition of the gel used, the shapes are defined by the subtraction of material rather than its addition.