Studio Mamo

Studio Mamo

Lorena D’Ilio and Andrea Mamo, a couple of eclectic and curious creatives, constantly in search of the new and unexpected. Studio Mamo presents itself as an incubator of ideas, concepts, projects, products and materials that constantly mix and intersect. The studio currently designs collections of furniture, accessories and interior design objects.

Studio Mamo is a team of designers and interior architects who have developed their own research on materials and nature over the years, in a continuous dialogue and with an approach that brings together different worlds and languages.

HomeLand and Tender Flora were presented – in an ad hoc setup on structures made from cane – at Edit Napoli 2019, the first international exhibition for design publishing and independent design.

In HomeLand the material is presented in sheets that intersect and overlap, outlining shadows, chiaroscuro and signs. A work in which determination, resistance and time passing in a slow and constant change emerge strongly, withdrawing and returning to shape the material forcefully.

Tender Flora is a journey inspired by the East, by the lightness of life and the sense of fulfilment when you can savour the moment. The white flowers provide light and joy and express sensuality, portrayed by sinuous, flowing movements, by branches stretching out, brushing against each other, imperceptibly touching.

These works are the result of the dialogue between Studio Mamo and Fabscarte, who interpreted and created them in various phases of work in which the sedimentation of ideas went hand in hand with the research and development of the most suitable techniques for providing the paper and the design with a depth going beyond the simple image.

Shaping matter and nature in the flow of change and movement. To describe the strength and lightness of life.

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