Studio Salaris

Studio Salaris

Studio Salaris, founded and directed by Alessandra Salaris in Milan, the beating heart and capital of Italian design, uses a contemporary and recognisable language to provide creative advice to companies interested in communicating and refining their aesthetic value.

Not only that, for years it has also produced editorials for the well-known design magazine Living Corriere della Sera, constantly searching, with care and passion, for the best new products on the market and the excellence with which to study and create new and innovative products.

On the occasion of the Living Corriere della Sera editorial published in the November 2019 Issue, Studio Salaris wanted to create a collaboration with Fabscarte, in a subtle dialogue between the old and the new, between tradition and exotic charm.

Ninfee 2.0 is the result of a subtle reinterpretation of a historical wallpaper from the Fabscarte archive, emphasising the organic textures of the subjects through the use of a bold colour that contrasts with the soft background, making it contemporary.

Photo: Beppe Brancato
Styling: Studio Salaris
Magazine: Living Corriere della Sera
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